What do you want when you need a doctor

The answer to your question will be given by Real Dent Estetic Center, founded in 2006 under Mrs' Dr. Stefana Iancu-Vulpoi leading.

Being localized in the capital's center, we want it to be more than just a stomatological center. In a modern and pleasant ambiance, our team of doctors and nurses tries to come and meet your desires not only to solve urgent cases / problems, but also to obtain a functionality and an optimal dento-facial estetic or to prevent teeth and periodontium affection.

There are many reasons to smile such as expressing joy, friendship, harmony and satisfaction. A beautiful smile can have a positive influence not only on your personal life but also on the interhumane realions. We will transform stomatology in art, reacreating this window of the soul.

Nothing else remains for you to do but to decide if you want to smile with us....

  • Dr. Stefana Iancu-Vulpoi
  • Dr. Florin Rusu
  • Assistant Vali Grigore

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In this section we will publish the messages we will receive on contact@realdentestetic.ro because we are interested in our clients' opinions and suggestions concerning the services that we offer.

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